Balanced mind in a balanced body




Kickboxing offers an electric 50-60 minute fusion class, comprised of martial arts and boxing movements.  This combo kicks your cardio fitness to the next level, while defining and shaping both your physique and your self-confidence.  Kickboxing is an effective way to use all muscle groups, while honing in on cardio, balance, and flexibility.  However, the greatest benefit of a Kickboxing workout is that you will come away with newly acquired knowledge regarding how to defend yourself. This program consistently receives positive reviews from women as it utilizes primarily the upper body; providing a great shoulder and arm definition as well as allows them to punch and kick stress out of their lives. All levels of experience are welcome!


Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™


Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™ is a high-intensity and endurance based 30 minute workout utilizing Jillian’s 3-2-1 interval approach. (additional 15 min are for the short Demo of the exercises in the beginning of the class and stretching at the end of it) 3 minutes of strength / 2 minutes of cardio / 1 minute of abs . BODYSHRED™ is ‘Intelligent Training.’ It’s kinetic, it’s energetic; it provides the ultimate challenge, regardless of level integrating all of the most progressive exercise science techniques used by world-class athletes into one program.


Total Body Workout

If you are interested in working your body as a whole, this is the way to go.  We will work with an extensive range of equipment such as gliders, medicine/stability balls, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells etc – as well as your own bodyweight. 




Within those 30 minutes, we'll be working on exercises that aim to develop flexibility, good posture, strength, and balance all at the same time. It will suit those who don't like too active classes or just want some variety for the fitness routine.


Step Total Body


Join us for the amazing FAT BURNER and TONER of the whole body! Step aerobics is more than just stepping up and down, it also uses your arms to get your heart pumping and your core to maintain balance. Our program combine cardiovascular and strength training. We combine these exercises into your step aerobics workout by using body weight, hand weights and ankle weights. The goal of step aerobics, of course, is weight management and improved fitness. With only a stair or an elevated platform, you can burn about 10 calories a minute and shape and tone muscles throughout your body.


Move Your Body

MOVE YOUR BODY class - is a total fat burning and energizing class which will help you to burn an enormous amount of calories and tone your body! This kind of workout will include Cardio Kickboxing, Pump workout with light weights, balls, Body weight, some dancing moves and much more! It will make you SWEAT! Let's pump it up!

Individual Sessions

We recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to achieving one’s goals.  Customized, private sessions are an excellent way to maintain an individual, streamlined focus. They are designed to meet your unique needs, goals and interests. With our one-on-one sessions, you will experience a more advanced and targeted approach – as well as our undivided attention.


Youth Kickboxing Class

Great workout for kids and youth of 9-14 years old. It's an awesome sport activity that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle and physical strength. Games, races, total body exercising and fundamentals of kickboxing make your kids sweat and have lots of fun!