Balanced mind in a balanced body



Hello guys!

I am so glad you decided to spend some time checking out our programs here at KICK FOR FIT. My name is Margarita and I am a certified Personal/Group Training, Bootcamp, Tabata, BodyShred and Kickboxing Instructor. My devotion to the world of sport began when I was 6 years of age. I was a swimmer for 10 years – and that’s where it all started. During my swimming career I was winning different prizes at the country championships all around Russia, set two country records in Moldova and achieved the title of the Master of Sport in swimming. I am passionate about everything that allows me to remain active, and love sharing my experience and knowledge with others.
Join our team, and together, we will reach your goals – and help you to become everything you want to be. Today, you can start living a life that includes a strong mind, and a beautiful, healthy body.
Stay strong. Stay motivated. Always follow your dreams and never give up!





Hello guys! My name is Irina. I am a certified Personal Trainer, Kickboxing Instructor, BodyShred Instructor (this amazing workout was created by the famous Jillian Michaels) and Children Fitness Coach. I have an extensive background in sports that began when I was five years old.  At that time, I discovered Artistic Gymnastics, and expanded by training into Rhythmic Gymnastics shortly afterwards. It became my passion, and after many years of hard work, I achieved the title of Master of Sport in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Even long after I was no longer involved in competitive sports, I was continuing to train for my own enjoyment—because once you let sport in your soul, it never leaves you.  I did many things during this time, and when I came across Kickboxing, I was instantly hooked.  I knew this was my new true love.

I am extremely passionate about everything that makes me move, and helps me to stay fit and regenerated.  For me, it’s not only about looking good; but so much more.  It’s about overall quality of life, feeling “free” in your own body, staying continuously motivated and positive, and moving steadily forward. It’s about surprising yourself and reaching new goals.

My motivation comes from doing what I enjoy the most, and I love sharing my passion with others. It is a great privilege and honor to see changes in my clients, and to help them reach their goals.